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Grubhub/Seamless Merger: A Good Thing for Chicago

I am sure that many of you saw the news that GrubHub is to merge with Seamless. Anytime there is a merger of such size, there are lots of questions. What does it mean for the company, the team, etc. Of course, I get asked what does it mean for Chicago? And for Chicago it’s a very good thing. With Matt Maloney named CEO of the merged company it means that the center of gravity of the combined entity will remain in Chicago. If Chicago is to become a true tech center, we need much more of this. The center of the amalgamation will remain in Chicago and breed a cycle that will feed on itself. Think of a dozen companies that slowly build themselves as the market leader through acquisition. What would it mean for Chicago and its place in the national technology industry? It’s a game changer. Kudos to GrubHub for continuing to lead the charge. You have throughout your existence been a smart participant in the community, using peers and collaboration to drive your success and giving the same to others to drive theirs.

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