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Twitter Starts Talent Breeding Program: Bodes well for Chicago

Very interesting announcement yesterday that @twitter bought Marakana as a start on breeding technical talent. This is a HUGE shot across the bow of the talent wars. Talent is very short supply – companies are desperate to find and retain talent – and twitter is taking the lead on solving their own problem. They have realized what most companies have not – that one key solution to the ongoing talent problem is build and continuing improve your own. Expect to see many companies following suite or partnering with key companies to support their internal development.

This bodes well for Chicago where this is one place where we have taken an industry lead. Chicago activity in education and training continues to accelerate.

From the cutting edge @tribecachicago new age vocational school breeding amazing talent in visual arts to@starterleague to @themobilemakers, to @forte_knowledge to the recently launched @devbootcamp with @davehoover, Chicago is a leading center. Look for corporations and tech giants coming to Chicago to scoop up talent as we become a global magnet for this activity. (Also look for more acquisitions like the one last week of @trainsignal.

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